A big hello to everyone and thank you for visiting our web site! Please allow me to introduce myself, but even better, I would love to meet you in person at our brand new office right next to Publix at the Shoppes at Eagle Point. I am proud to call Cookeville my new home! And of course, please let me or my dental team know if we can ever be of assistance to you.

Who is the Cavity Commando? What does our office name mean? Perhaps you’ve been wondering.

Formally, I am Dr. Landon Sears, a pediatric dental specialist. I prefer being on a first-name basis with my patients, who I consider family! Patients and team members over the years of my additional training as a specialist have referred to me as the “Cavity Commando” and usually say it with a smile on their face followed by a few laughs. When faced with a decision to name our practice, it was easy as a pediatric dentist to give it a name that makes children smile! As the Cavity Commando, I have strived to develop a fun and entertaining approach to help motivate children (and their parents) to take serious care of their oral health. When your kids come to our office, we simply want to make it a fun and safe environment for them, while focusing on our goal to not only fight cavities but work with them to promote the best oral hygiene practices in a positive way and hopefully prevent them from ever getting cavities.

I have treated thousands of children of all ages who have come to me with severe anxiety and phobias. Nothing is more satisfying to me than helping a child overcome their fear of the dentist, all while delivering an exceptional level of dental care to keep their smiles healthy. I always take a very conservative or minimally invasive approach. I will only recommend treatment when I believe it is absolutely necessary for your child and have many tricks to help your children tackle dental decay without ever picking up a “needle” or “drill.” I never use scary words like those! While training as a specialist at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, FL, I also learned how to safely treat children with sleep sedation and laughing gas. Even after this extensive training, I am still amazed by the modern medicinal techniques we have available to help kids feel relaxed for treatment. It truly is an incredible feeling to help a child suffering from a mouth full of dental decay or pain and perform all of their treatment in an hour or so while they are asleep. I am very excited to offer these services locally with partners at Cookeville Regional Medical Center and Cookeville Surgery Center.

I believe every child deserves a pediatric specialist, and would truly feel honored to have the opportunity to take care of your kids.

Current home:
Cookeville, TN
Favorite food:
Macaroni and Cheese. Though, I am a foodie! I’ll try just about anything, including anything my wife makes (she’s an amazing cook).
Favorite dessert:
Ice Cream.
Favorite Movie:
All of the Rocky and Creed movies.
Secret talent: I used to work as a TV and radio broadcaster. I have announced hundreds of NCAA and professional sporting events. I worked for minor league teams affiliated with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago White Sox, and also CBS news stations in Myrtle Beach and Binghamton.
Favorite superhero:
Favorite Disney character:
Peter Pan. I’ll never grow up.
Favorite Color:
Orange (Perfect for Tennessee)
Favorite Vacation:
Love visiting Charleston, S.C. where I earned my dental degree at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC).
I love pediatric dentistry because:
I feel it’s the perfect career for me. I can perform meaningful work to help children develop healthy smiles they are proud of, while transforming their perceptions of dentistry and creating a fun and positive experience each time they visit. My goal is to make going to the dentist something both children and their parents love and rave about.

Describe yourself in one word: